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Welcome to a discovery space created to help inform and guide people in the spiritual awakening process! 

What is spirituality?  

Am I going through a “spiritual awakening”? 

These teachers from all walks of life are here to help you in finding the answers to those questions. 

Spiritual Daily was created to help bring great teachers and healers together from all over the world on to one platform. 

We realize in a growing world no one person can bring about this task alone, the need for guidance transcends the abilities of a single human... so we created a platform where doctors, holistic healers, philanthropists, coaches, philosophers and lovers from all walks of life can come and share their wisdom and knowledge with an ever changing world.  

This weeks theme: Awaken Your Feminine Energy

Dr. Marianne Zamierowski


PhD Holistic Health

MS Nutrition 

Certified Feng Shui Master 


You probably don’t think of yourself as someone who needs to balance your energy channels very often. If you can’t seem to reach a state of harmony within, however, this might be the origins of your discomfort and a good place to start. Let me give you an example.

Tonya is an awakened, truly empathic nine year old girl that I met today at a recreational center. Her feminine energy channels were wide open the minute I saw her! And because I was there to observe a program she was participating in, afterwards, she sheepishly asked me, "How'd I do"?

I could tell by her question, that she desperately wanted my approval. She had been observing ME over the past hour. I looked deeply into her eyes, smiled enthusiastically and said "You did Great"!!! Tonya almost stopped breathing, then gasped, "I know you". "Oh do ya now", I bantered. "Yes, in this exact moment before, you told me the same thing. You looked the same way, and I had the same feeling".

Oh the power of soul recognition and deja vu in little children! She had already seen this moment and went on to tell me that she's very sensitive to things. Tonya was living from her feminine energy which was a place she knew well and loved. I laughed when she also told me ways in which to keep my sense of childlike wonder. She was also a teacher. It all came so naturally.

I could completely relate to this young lady. I was just like her at that age. I would get feelings, signs + big intuition about people, places and things. I could feel myself so close to this precious soul, that I knew her empathic journey. I knew what she was experiencing. But I knew there was another side to it all as well. I thought of ways I needed to speak up, protect myself better and take more control of my life back then, like this young girl I was meeting. I told her as much, hoping that my words made an energetic imprint on her. 

You may tell yourself that living out of one side or another of your energy is preferable. It may even be comfortable. But in my experience, it creates an imbalance. One without the other is lopsided in both men and women. Its best to express both your masculine and feminine energies to achieve harmony. 

Intuition, feelings and creativity govern the feminine side of your nature. You know the masculine side when someone is using more logic, reasoning and hustle. If you are giving too much to others to the detriment of yourself, your left feminine side may be overactive. Your right side might need to be strengthened so you can speak up on your behalf, protecting your male energy. I see this so often in women.

In his older years, my brother told me that he would suddenly start crying out of nowhere. I believe it was all those years that he was “not allowed” to release or explore the female side of himself. If your life is too rigidly structured, your masculine aspect may be overactive.


By developing your feminine side, you will bring a more open and creative aspect into your life. By adding balance with your masculine side, you will bring a higher vibe, get it done aspect. This cocreative, symbiotic relationship is best symbolized by yin and yang. 

As always, maintaining harmony between the left and the right side of your energy profile will bring about the satisfying aspect of wholeness and vitality.


James Malins


Life Coach 



Many years ago when I was at school I was bullied. I was slapped around the head on the bus, I had things thrown at me, I was called names about my appearance and who I was as a person. When I got to school I was pushed aside and walked all over. People used to see me as beneath them. All I wanted to do was be myself. In trying to be myself and survive the experience of school I became angry inside. My masculine energy started to boil to the surface and the light femenine energy was buried under frustration and desperacy. 

For many years I lived in a solely masculine energy because it seemed like it put me above everyone else. It made me feel powerful but really I was weak. I had a tunnel vision that didn’t allow me to see anything other than what was in front of me. I started to push people aside and lash out at them if they ever dared to bring any form of attack into my reality. I was broken.

It was only when I let go of the anger and stepped back into balance with my energies that I found out the truth about all human beings on the planet. The masculine and feminine energies are not gender dependent. They are universal. They are the ying and tang, the fire and water, the sky and the earth. They are opposites and yet they are whole.

Bringing the masculine and fememine energies into balance completes you. It makes you whole again. You are able to love and yet fight for what matters. You are able to show kindness to all people and let go of the ones who would rather see you suffer. 

If you are ever looking for power then you will not find it in one energy or the other you will find it in both. You will find the balance in your life when you balance your energy. Like I said I was an angry, miserable man for many years until I finally let go of the last mask and lifted up the soft gentle man with me. 

When you awaken the feminine energy within, whether you are a man or woman, you bring your life back into balance. You open up the doorways to love and be loved in every way shape and form. You won’t waste time with people that make you feel bad and you will embrace those that love and see you for who you are. 

Love yourself because you are the stars in the sky and the earth under your feet. You are the mother and the father. The light and the dark. Your very existence is a pure and glorious thing. You are the energy that gives life to the plants and animals. You are the ultimate creator and your life matters.


Abby Garrison


Yoga Instructor 






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Yashica Crumpton



Spiritual Consultant &  Life Coach


Even as women are reclaiming their power and coming into their own, I believe it is ironic that it is being done in a way that is very masculine. It is outwardly forceful, it is in your face, it is making something happen. All traits that can be seen as masculine. We have now become a culture that is hard, that is burned out, that is disconnected from our truth and our emotions, we feel empty in a world that is becoming more and more crowded.

In this critical time where we are learning to awaken and strengthen the female energy, I would like to take a moment to tap into what I believe is what feminine energy truly is…. Most specifically, Divine Feminine energy. Because there is a difference and tapping into the Divine energy is what I believe is sacred and uplifting.

Divine Feminine energy is back to reclaim her place in the world. This is an energy that is is heavenly and taps into something higher than what is experienced on the earthly plane. It is connected to being in tune with nature and requires a sensitivity to the people and environments that are experienced through the senses but also a connection to which cannot be. That makes it intuitive, mysterious, and in flow. It is about sensing, tenderness. Being. Think about how powerful that is. Divine Feminine energy is literally a creative energy, an energy that can give birth to human life, one of the most ultimate acts of creation on earth. But how does she do it?

Being, that is a strong word. She doesn’t have to DO anything special. She just is. In fact, the more that she is in tune with herself, the more that she embodies who she is to her core… the stronger her intuition, her connections to others, her flow, and her compassion. She just has to be. Unlike the Divine Masculine which has to DO something. 

Now let’s think about this connection here on earth. Our culture has been focused heavily on doing, on making things happen, on hustling, on conquering, on being strong, on destroying our earth. This can only go so far. Nature wants to obtain and maintain equlibrium. This means that masculine and feminine energy is present in all of us but the expression of masculinity has gone too far and hurt us too much. Nature is self correcting. What we are seeing in society is an assertiveness and aggression that, as I mentioned, I find paradoxically masculine, I understand that it is needed to provide the momentum needed for the shift, but I don’t want you to forget what the true purpose of Divine Feminine energy in us all is meant to provide. 

Men and women are meant to become more loving, more present, more connected to their heart center, and value the connection to their emotions and their inner compass and learn that while sometimes there is a reason to push and do and actively create… that there is also an equally important space that one must tap into in order to be.

If you were to tap into this energy you would create more confidence, more rest, a higher sense of self and as we all are shifting, we would experience a culture of people that are living in their truth. You would not feel like you had to do anything or be anything to feel complete. You would have confidence that just by showing up as the beautiful, unique person that you are… that you are powerful beyond measure--And you wouldn’t have to do anything to prove it.

Yashica is a spiritual consultant and life coach. She primarily works with motivated, professional women that want to end their self sabotage once and for all and start to experience a successful personal life that mirrors their professional life. You can learn more about her at  www.yashicasintuition.com


Navee Mendoza

📸  Mario Mendoza Jr. 

Editor and Chief 

Energy Worker

Feminine energy is going to heal this planet.

I remember when I was young, I would constantly hear that being a "girl" or showing any kind of emotion was weak. I remember hearing from some of the people closest to me that being "girly" was stupid and that I needed to be more of a tomboy so I would appear tough and not get taken advantage of or hurt. I also remember thinking this was very odd and that it went against my natural instincts but I wanted to fit in and be accepted so I did it anyways. 

This went on for years, and created a huge disconnect in my life from who I am and who I was trying to be. It was so challenging, waking up everyday trying to pretend to be someone I'm not. Trying to quiet the parts of me that were wanting so desperately to express themselves through emotion. 

Those were some of the most challenging years for me, thank goodness I discovered later on the power of the feminine that lives inside all of us and how you can balance and harness the masculine and feminine energy to create your inner and outer world. You see, we each have the masculine and the feminine energy in each of us because they each serve a different purpose. The masculine is grounding, provides stability and creates a safe haven for the feminine to express, flourish, grow & create. 

At the moment, our world is ruled by masculine energy. You see it everywhere you look, power struggles all over the planet... obsession with dominance and the want to be more than others. 

This chapter of our lives as a human race is coming to an end, we have learned the lessons that needed to be learned as a collective. We as a whole have noticed that something is missing, something needs to change. 

Awakening has brought the rise of the feminine energy, and I'm not just talking about women in this case. I am talking about what the feminine energy creates in this reality, the feminine creates space allowing ourselves to grow and evolve through healing by opening up to our real emotions and letting them in for us to process. We are for the first time in a long time allowing ourselves to FEEL and to process energy that has been stagnant our entire lives.... perhaps even for generations. We are moving through these energies and healing our way into a new way of being, thinking and doing.

 Through healing, we are allowing our energy to vibrate higher. When you allow yourself to feel an emotion that has been dying to be expressed... what you are doing is you are allowing the lesson that is needing to come through to process and be brought to the surface so you can move through the energy of that lesson instead of playing it on repeat in your life. Lessons that go unlearned and that are suppressed will manifest themselves in your life in different ways by either bringing around the same type of lesson just with different people or by manifesting itself in a completely new experience with the same type of underlying lesson to learn. 

The feminine energy provides a safe space for you to resurface and process the trauma or hardships that have happened in your life. I know that it can be really challenging going through some of the motions, bringing up old memories that you tucked away for a reason is probably not how you want to process and go through the movements.... but its the only way to really heal and move through the energy so you can welcome in and allow yourself to receive new energy and new experiences into your life. 

When I'm processing energy I turn to salt baths and meditation to help calm and ground my energy. Grounding outside (walking around the ground barefoot) as well as spending time where there is no wifi also helps me recover and center myself. 

If you're experiencing lots of inner healing knocking at your door, I encourage you to open it and say hello. This is an opportunity for you to meet some of your greatest teachers in this lifetime and a chance for you to change your life. 

I pray you open the door and say yes!



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