Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side Also if I am to be whole.” 

- Carl Jung 


“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side Also if I am to be whole.” 

- Carl Jung 


--- How to work through shadow work ---




Spiritual Consultant 

Life Coach 

While, I admit, I approach my work from a more solutions oriented standpoint, I cannot deny the fact that from time to time there is a need to really examine some deeper and more subconscious layers of our psyche in order to do things such as break free from ties. 

This is sometimes called shadow work in the spiritual community.

When we think of the shadow, we can think of an aspect of sensory perception that is hidden from the light. A darker side, a side that is more hidden. It can be the parts we knowingly or unknowingly want to keep hidden from the general public as well as ourselves sometimes and the more they are repressed, the more they become part of who we are but begin to bleed into more subconscious parts of ourselves.

From a psychological standpoint these things may stem from us expressing our needs in ways that society or our environment would deem as inappropriate and being shut down but they could also stem from not wanting to address issues head on and thereby creating issues that sit just under the surface creating issues and negative patterns in relationships and situations that we encounter and the longer we ignore or suppress this shadow side of our self, the longer the challenges or issues linked to our shadow will persist.

In our shadow self lies the key to some of the biggest lessons we were put on this earth to learn so to suppress your shadow means to relive the very things that you are suppressing via projection as you navigate life’s situations and relationships. Because of this, shadow work is often a big part of moving past the root cause of certain challenges in life to move towards solutions. The solutions that result will lead to better relationships and other interactions with others, a better understanding of yourself and a more accurate perception of your environment, more positive and prosperous energy, more maturity and growth, and the ability to manifest better outcomes in your life that are in alignment of the things that you hope and dream of for yourself.

If you want to work on your own shadow side, one commonly suggested exercise is to pay attention to how you react to others. 

When someone is triggering you negatively, your goal in this exercise would be to think about that trigger and how it could clue you into how you may be ignoring something in your own life. 

I will give you an example, when I am not hitting the marks on my goals or targets or being lazy, that is typically when laziness in other people really triggers me. Taking that example, again, watch the triggering behavior of others and see how that impacts you and why so that you can really tune into the “real” underlying issue in order to clear that particular shadow and start to move forward. While this is a simplistic view on shadow work, it is a very simple start.

If you would like to learn how to further deepen your internal work on yourself, I have a free mini course that will help you dive deeper. You can enroll here:

Marianne Zamierowski


PhD Holistic Health

MS Nutrition 

Certified Feng Shui Master 


Her innocent heart felt betrayed. She often saw this love affair from more of an observer stance than a participant. She felt how the strangeness of this signaled high importance to her soul work. This relationship in particular, taught her much about who she was and how she loved. It was her mirror. 

She knew she had to muster the courage to stand in both her strength and weakness with him.  This would take the ultimate courage. To see and know herself as she truly was, and not just as she wanted. She searched for her light within this darkness.  

She began to speak up, speak out and utter her powerful words of truth as an act of self love. No matter how difficult,  she knew she needed to live her authenticity. Old wounds started to surface but now made sense of her behavior. My past I not my life sentence, she told herself. She began to flow energy towards what she desired and to consciously create more of what she wanted in this relationship.

She stayed open and paid attention to what she thought, felt, said, did and created. She attended to her triggers.These were her clues about what she believed.

She called upon her higher self for assistance with clarity, insight, trust and focus. She knew this shadow work was the way of the heart warrior and she persisted in it. Through this, she called her own soul home, back to her innocent heart.

Light Workers

Healer, Native, Spiritual

KEOLA Clyde (Keolamaikalani) Conner


Energy Worker

Keola was placed in my life when I was going through some major spiritual growth. I was lost, I didn't know what to make of everything that was coming up to be addressed and Keola helped guide me back to my center. I am so grateful for Keola and his wife, they work miracles and I think EVERYONE should have a session with them. You can reach him here.


Angela Estrada

Intuitive psychic 

Phone: 9158508136


Angela is an intuitive psychic and medium. Her readings can either be tarot driven or completely intuitive. She specializes in shadow work--the work that involves the pain body, or trauma, that has created patterns in people’s lives. Her mission is to give her clients tools to create self-awareness and self-empowerment. 

Angela originally began understanding her gifts in college but did not use them fully until later. She was introduced to mediumship first, all through her life, and only began accepting it after meeting some wonderful people in the community that helped her understand. Today she strives to be what she received for people and help others understand their gifts and replace fear with love. She is available for readings by appointment and does monthly tarot scope readings on her Facebook page Angela’s Shadow. 

Energy work, Spiritual channel, healer

berena wise

Acutonics (Sound Vibrational Healing)

Color Puncture

Reiki Master

Crystal Healing

Channeled and Angel Card Readings

Spiritual Counselor


Berena works at a local crystal shop that I go to frequently called the Lightworkers Sanctuary. She hosts a variety of classes as well as offers individual energy sessions. Every time I attend one of her classes I always come out feeling rejuvenated and clear in mind, body and soul! She is the absolute sweetest and the way she channels messages and works with energy is angelic. When you're in her presence you can feel the light radiating from her being. I absolutely love her and I highly recommend her services. 


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- - - How Acceptance Can Lead to Inner Peace - - -


Spiritual Consultant

Life Coach


I want to speak to you this week about acceptance and how it can help you move forward positively in your life and create a positive change. For me, because of the way that I grew up, I always felt like accepting something meant that I had put my seal of approval on it. This would make me very uncomfortable because I would feel like I was compromising myself and my integrity by accepting something. This train of thought was particularly accentuated when I felt that someone I loved had wronged or hurt me. I would have a hard time forgiving something or accepting something and it would, in turn, end up fueling my anger and resentment. It took me a long time to realize that acceptance meant something positive…. it meant freedom in most instances.

You see, to accept something, be it a situation or a relationship with a person, means firstly, that you are acknowledging the truth of the matter. The subject at hand is what it is, and while you can do things to try to change things... most well known improvement programs have a foundational tenet that the first step to forward progress is to accept what is. 

I am a big proponent of this because I teach that if you are ready to create a shift in a cycle of negativity in your life and begin to create the life you desire for yourself, it is these tiny steps that will be your savior and your momentum towards positive shift. NOT trying to fight for something that you believe in or change things you don’t have control over… you know… the things that leave you continuously frustrated. Big shifts are created from small changes and in these small changes you create freedom. It’s cyclical so the next time you come upon a difficulty in life, realize the reality of the situation and don’t fight it or protest it, just look for the lesson in the challenge and think about the one thing that you can do to take a tiny step in a direction that leads towards the outcome you desire, without control and without trying to change anything, just doing what your highest and best self would do and watch the miracles that materialize from that space.



PhD Holistic Health

MS Nutrition 

Certified Feng Shui Master 


Danielle came to me with a problem.  She told me that her parents argued so much about money when she was younger, that it was causing money problems for her now.

She couldn't shake the vibration of it all. She saw the correlation between her childhood money beliefs and her now money mindset.

What could she do, she asked? I asked her three things:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What have you already attracted?
  3. What lights you up?

She told me that she wanted so desperately to be in love that she spent inordinate amounts of money + time making sure she looked perfect to attract the "right" guy who would love, adore and shower her with all she ever wanted.

Her bedroom told the story of what she was attracting. It was messy, cluttered and full of magazine clippings of things she wanted to show the world and especially her future Mr. Right, who she wanted to be.

This room also happened to sit in the abundance corner of her home making it a powerful love/abundance vortex. Love and money lessons often come as a package deal, it seems.

I asked Danielle, “If this was your friends bedroom, what would you tell her”? She carefully crafted her answer, “I would tell her to let go and have some fun. Stop trying so hard to call in the perfect life. Accept who you are. Be one hundred percent you".  In a striking moment of clarity, she saw a vision of the life she was scrambling to create but one that didn't match her truest self.

We got busy. We made some changes. After some bedroom clearing, cleaning and energizing, I gave her an assignment to just sit with this situation.  Relax into what is. Meditate on what she really wanted. What would your perfect for you life feel like? Dream a little dream.

She found it more satisfying if she ALLOWED her life to unfold. Old voices from her past started let go of their gnarly grip. She started to accept herself and her reality.

She forgave herself.

She remembered that what she really wanted to do was to buy some cabins on a lake, remodel and decorate them to open them up for a holistic visiting experience. She realized the path she was on before was not even like the one she wanted to follow.

She got busy herself and started working towards that vision. Not only is she happily mid remodel on those cabins, Danielle is dating a handsome contractor who thinks she’s pretty darn cute just the way she is. Herself.

Once she worked out some blocks, accepted herself and her reality, she realized that life is much better now that abundance and love are in the air.

Picture: Mario Mendoza Jr.

Navee Mendoza

Editor and Chief 

Energy Worker

Events Director @ One Life Radio

📸  Mario Mendoza Jr. 

The way I see it, the term "shadow work" is nothing more that a holistic way of saying., "heal". When you work on your shadow work, you're essentially working through  & healing personal and maybe even generational trauma.

Shadow work has many faces. It comes in many forms such as: jealousy, hatred, anger, gluttony & basically anything that triggers emotions of discomfort in the body, mind or soul. Shadow work is learning to move through the lessons, the pain and the discomfort and accepting what it is here to teach us so we can learn to love all parts of ourselves and the world around us, 

The point of working through stuff is not so you can stay stuck in healing forever... it's so that you can come out on the other side and experience a life of happiness, love and peace! Allow yourself to move completely through your healing. 

On the other side of healing is stillness of mind and soul. Meditation can be used to help through shadow work as well as Sound Healing or with practices such as Yoga. 

If this is your first time hearing the term shadow work, I recommend you do more research on it. I don't believe in coincidences in life, I believe everything happens for a reason and if this is the first time you're hearing about this... then I believe it's because you were meant to hear it. 


Your spiritual guides are with you at all times, don't be afraid to ask them for guidance. About anything. They're here for your highest good. They want to help you on this journey we call life, ask them for guidance. Believe it when it shows up. 


- Love you