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What is spirituality?  

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Spiritual Daily was created to help bring great teachers and healers together from all over the world on to one platform. 

We realize in a growing world no one person can bring about this task alone, the need for guidance transcends the abilities of a single human... so we created a platform where doctors, holistic healers, philanthropists, coaches, philosophers and lovers from all walks of life can come and share their wisdom and knowledge with an ever changing world.  

This weeks theme: The Power of Sexual Energy

Dr. Marianne Zamierowski


PhD Holistic Health

MS Nutrition 

Certified Feng Shui Master 


The sacred and the sexual are twins, who's medicine is for the spirit.

The sacred twin, called Truna was found placed high on her pedestal.  Everyday, the people came to admire her piousness and serene highness. She was well loved for her ability to make her people feel holy. Special. Honored.

Felicity was the sexual sister, who danced often among her most base desires. Her heart became a lonely hunter. Scattered and uneven, her life was long in search of the giving of her heart in new creation. This, she often thought, would make her feel whole.

The day their twin souls reunited, was the beginning of their purest and most true expressive heart. They began recreating together in harmony.  Their playful art in life became legend. And their entwined contentment complete.

Many souls use this combination of Truna and Felicity to wrap their intentions in form on a daily basis. Whether through self pleasure or mutual encounters, sexual release is the powerhouse of the gods. As its energy unmatched by mere mortals, it takes you on the highest high. 

Make no mistake, there can be no secret shame in this union. Sacred sexual energy unleashes even the most trapped emotions and can be channeled to an unbound creativity.

Holiness without creation is a shallow pool. There for the first time, you have a chance to birth a masterpiece. Ideas ripen and mature in this futile soil in the seat of the soul. Use this power. 

Many artists do, you know.


James Malins


Life Coach 



 Sexual energy is one of the ultimate creative forces in the universe. We have the ability to create alone but when it comes to creating a life, we come together in an incredible passionate experience of love between two people. It is this very energy that allows for the creation and beginning of a new contract here on this earth. We literally allow our souls, and other souls, to experience their own development here in this 3rd dimensional existence through the co creative activity of making love.
Through the generalization of many societies we have turned this incredible sexual experience into something of diminished value. People believe that numbers are more important than the act of bringing two people to a feeling that starts to make you connect with the higher selves. Sexual energy is not only experienced between two people but it connects two people. This is why it is important to choose the people you are with wisely. In the western society it has become more accepted to share someone's self with another person before you connect with them deeply. Let me just say, there is nothing wrong with that if it is understood between two people. But through experience and discussion with others. This is never usually the case. Because of the magnificent connection and meaning assigned with sharing those kinds of masculine and feminine energies one person is almost always going to feel deeper for the other person.
Of course this has caused a whirlwind of problems over the years for different people. People have fallen for people because of the connection they have created and then the other person has left them in pain. It is time for the societies to see the sacred nature of our sexual expression. It is not just the act of physically making love but the merging of two people’s souls in a dance that can bring someone to the heights of feeling in this 3rd dimensional reality. When we are in the act of making love and trying to please and express ourselves physically with the people we care for it creates an energy between two people that can last a lifetime.
With the right person you can bond on a soul level and do something that could very well change your life and the lives of people who are around you.
The most important lesson from my newsletter this week?
Never blame yourself for sharing your energy with people who you consider a mistake. Always look for the signs of someone that is after one thing. If you are after one thing then make sure the other person is also clear on this. You can create amazing connections with amazing people if you understand the sacred nature of the gift you have to offer.  


Abby Garrison


Yoga Instructor 






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Yashica Crumpton



Spiritual Consultant &  Life Coach



Today, I may want to touch on a topic that’s taboo even though it really shouldn’t be. And because it is, there is a powerful, life energy that you could use to change your life. Literally!

If this topic makes you uncomfortable, you should leave now.

I want to talk to you about Sexual Energy. You know it. It can be intentional. That inner desire you feel when you lock eyes with someone that sparks an unexplained and sometimes uncontrollable arousal. That feeling that sneaks up on you when you are alone and you least expect it. Society has a common word for it…. Feeling horny… but it is something much more than that and can be channeled into an energy that is powerful for manifesting.

See this energy, when it builds up, can either be ignored (difficult to do), which can lead to frustration, it can be released through the act of sex or orgasm on the material plane, or you can channel it to help you attract your wildest desires by releasing it through a more high dimension. This is something that you may hear called Sexual Transmutation. Some of the most powerful people in the world are using this energy. If you have ever read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill…. There is a whole chapter devoted to this… and you KNOW this book is a staple for personal growth and development.

In relation to spirituality, on a simplistic level, let’s think of your seven chakras. This energy starts in your sacral chakra and it can stay there, be released though sex, or you can learn how to push that energy up into higher chakras to make them more powerful. This in turn makes you more powerful than when you release it through a sexual act.

I believe you can channel Sexual Energy to a higher cause in one of two ways. If you decide to release it via a sexual act, as you are building up towards orgasm, you can visualize what you are trying to manifest. I like to say that right at orgasm, you can really see yourself having what you want. 

A second way you can use this energy is simple. When you want to manifest something in your life, you become more powerful when you are able to direct ALL your energy towards You can abstain from sexual acts. When that desire and Sexual Energy starts to crop up, you can channel this energy up to the next higher chakra, your chakra connected to personal power. By doing this, you strengthen your willpower and determination. You can then use this energy very powerfully by pouring yourself into that which you want to manifest.

As you can see, as you do this, this energy can become intense and gain momentum to where you feel like you are connected to your desires, you are able to have the confidence to speak your truth. Because you are living more authentically in your power, you are able to connect more with your intuition and as you embody more of who you are, you are more connected with the Divine. This inspires creation (among other things)…. Kundalini Energy. See how that works?

This is why, if you are connected with the essence of powerful Sexual Energy, many people believe you should abstain from sexual acts, especially with other people that you don’t have an special connection with. It is a powerful, sacred energy. I am, personally, sexually liberal but you can see how not controlling this power and whom you choose to share this power with can lead to negative consequences in your life. On the other hand, I want you to see that it can also be very powerful when you are sharing tantric-like Sexual Energy with someone that you are connected with. 

I hope that this has helped you look at your sexuality and Sexual energy in a different light and you now recognize a powerful life force that you have inside of yourself to help you become your higher self here on Earth and manifest your wildest dreams.

Yashica is a spiritual consultant and life coach. She primarily works with motivated, professional women that want to end their self sabotage once and for all and start to experience a successful personal life that mirrors their professional life. You can learn more about her at  www.yashicasintuition.com


Navee Mendoza

📸  Mario Mendoza Jr. 

Editor and Chief 

Energy Worker

My entry is for the shy individual who has been suppressing their inner sexual god/goddess... until now! 

All LIFE comes from SEX! 

That alone should be enough to get anyone thinking. When you engage in the act of sex... you are initiating a sacred ritual which literally has the ability to CREATE NEW LIFE in this world. Sex holds the energy of creation and everything in the world is based around sex. Think about it... when you buy something its because you like the way it looks, or you think it makes you look good. The underlying thought for almost everything is... is it sexy? 

Sex is being sold to you in these places and pretty much everywhere else you look: movies, commercials, television, radio, social media, cars, clothes, electronics. 

You name it... its there.  

Now I want to clarify, this is NOT a bad thing. 

It just IS, it's completely natural! 

In fact, I believe that if more people were accepting of their sexual nature they would live overall happier lives. 

Most of society is living in a sexually suppressed state. Meaning they may feel ashamed of their sexual nature or don't know how to express their sexual desires in a healthy way or at all because they were never taught or shown how. 

My advice is to allow yourself to EXPLORE. 

Let your imagination soar and have fun with your sexuality without a duality mindset. All within a healthy standard of course, remember sex is an energy transfer so you want to make sure its a healthy transfer. If you're wondering what healthy boundaries are I recommend diving into Tantric sexual studies as well as studying the spiritual side of the sacred sexual energy exchange. 

Remove the block and let your life force flow, this is your creative genius. This is the side of you that has been dying to be expressed. 

Let your sacred sexual energy flow and watch your authentic self, creativity, and overall state of well being begin to rise. 




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