Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.Bringing you your daily dose of spirituality.

Practice being present in the moment, the only thing that is real is the here and now. 


Practice being present in the moment, the only thing that is real is the here and now. 


--- how do you recognize signs from your spirit guides? ---





Editor and Chief 



There was a time in my life when I believed in coincidences. When I allowed serendipitous events in my life to roll off the shoulder and into the near distant memories. They would get lost in the hustle and bustle of life; they would happen and while I was always very aware of how acutely special and beautiful they were, they would always get lost between the next urgent email or the toxic relationships that clouded my life. 

I was lost, I was looking for something desperately to help save me; to help me to make sense of all the chaos and confusion in my life. And the worst part of it all was I had no idea I was even looking for it. 

It wasn't until one day, that my mother introduced me to a book, The Secret, that my entire life got flipped upside down. I finally started understanding what I was looking for; why things had to happen the way they did in my childhood and even into my early 20's. 

I started paying attention to my inner-self and learning about things like: energy, the universe, spirit guides, angels, my higher-self and all things that had once just seemed like things of fictional stories. Being more aware of my emotions and events that happened around me; I started being more aware of the people in my life and the situations and lessons I was learning and being presented with. 

My life is completely different now than what it was 5 years ago; there is nothing anyone could have told me that would have prepared me for the lessons, or the beauty I have experienced this far. 

But as far as for knowing what signs were, the more I researched and the more I got to know myself, the better I was able to catch the signs that were placed in my path. 

You see, signs can be similar in nature, but at the end of the day they will be different for all of us. We are all here to fulfill different roles, your path, while equally as important as mine, will be different. 

With that said, the fact that you even opened up to this website to learn more about your guides in and of itself is a sign. The more you open yourself up to possibilities and opportunities, the more you will be guided to allow those expriences into your life. You have to WANT those experiences at some level of your existence for you to even be able to recognize them in your reality. 

As for me, it is easier for me to recognize signs now than per say, 5 years ago. Now, when I feel a nudge towards something or a calling, and I know that this is feeling is based from love, I know those are my guides. When I ask for guidance and I am immediately connected with a divine soul or guided towards the perfect article or the perfect book explaining exactly what I was questioning, I know that is a sign. 

When my heart is breaking and the only thing I can do is get on my knees and pray for clarity, and I receive nothing, I also know... that is a sign. 

As you can see, it is different for everyone. For everything. 

But the more you know yourself and the more you ask for guidance, know that your prayers will never go unheard. Spirit does not mislead in this lifetime, ever. No matter what. 

Know that at all times you are being guided; to see this, all you have to do is believe and open your eyes to the infinite possibilities that are available to you. 

That is where you will find your guides, that is where you will find miracles. 

Light Workers

Healer, Native, Spiritual

KEOLA Clyde (Keolamaikalani) Conner


Energy Worker

Keola was placed in my life when I was going through some major spiritual growth. I was lost, I didn't know what to make of everything that was coming up to be addressed and Keola helped guide me back to my center. I am so grateful for Keola and his wife, they work miracles and I think EVERYONE should have a session with them. You can reach him here.


Angela Estrada

Intuitive psychic 

Phone: 9158508136


Angela is an intuitive psychic and medium. Her readings can either be tarot driven or completely intuitive. She specializes in shadow work--the work that involves the pain body, or trauma, that has created patterns in people’s lives. Her mission is to give her clients tools to create self-awareness and self-empowerment. 

Angela originally began understanding her gifts in college but did not use them fully until later. She was introduced to mediumship first, all through her life, and only began accepting it after meeting some wonderful people in the community that helped her understand. Today she strives to be what she received for people and help others understand their gifts and replace fear with love. She is available for readings by appointment and does monthly tarot scope readings on her Facebook page Angela’s Shadow. 

Energy work, Spiritual channel, healer

berena wise

Acutonics (Sound Vibrational Healing)

Color Puncture

Reiki Master

Crystal Healing

Channeled and Angel Card Readings

Spiritual Counselor


Berena works at a local crystal shop that I go to frequently called the Lightworkers Sanctuary. She hosts a variety of classes as well as offers individual energy sessions. Every time I attend one of her classes I always come out feeling rejuvenated and clear in mind, body and soul! She is the absolute sweetest and the way she channels messages and works with energy is angelic. When you're in her presence you can feel the light radiating from her being. I absolutely love her and I highly recommend her services. 


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Picture: Mario Mendoza Jr.

Navee Mendoza


Energy Worker

NSD @ One Life Radio

📸  Mario Mendoza Jr. 

Note:  Take a moment to be here now. Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, observe your body and notice any part of it that seems tense... breathe deep into that part of your body and on the exhale.... relax. Take a deep breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, release for 5 seconds. Do that 3 more times. Notice what is around you. Notice what sounds are around you, notice the stillness within you, notice the internal chatter, what is it saying? Allow it, don't control it, just allow. Breathe. Relax. 

Remember, the only thing that is real is what is here now, be here. Practice being present, without trying to control everything going on around you, being present is finding your center regardless of what is going on inside or around you. Be here. Be present. 

- Navee