What is Spiritual Daily?




Navee Mendoza

Navee is the Founder of Spiritual Daily as well as the National Sales Director of a holistic health and wellness radio show, One Life Radio

Her passion to help guide others on their spiritual journey was birthed from her own spiritual journey which started about 7 years ago. From learning to pick herself up after life's most heart-wrenching challenges to flying into the most beautiful experiences life has to offer... spirituality has been her rock that has held her centered through it all. Learning to let spirituality be her guiding light back to herself has completely changed her life for the better. It taught her how to see life through her own authentic eyes which become's clearer through each experience life offers. 

A couple of years ago, a vision came to her that was very clear and staright-forward. Use your journey to help others. Create a platform where souls can be guided to learn and evolve through hearing your story and the stories of others. 

That was the birth of Spiritual Daily. 

One Life Radio

One life radio

One Life Radio is a holistic health and wellness talk radio show hosted/owned by Bernadette Fiaschetti. She is a serial entrepreneur who followed her passion for helping others and created a terrestrial show that educates it's listeners on all subjects from spirituality, fitness to sustainability and everything in between. She prides herself on spreading truth to the masses and bringing the leading experts on all subjects to educate her following NEVER influenced by Big Chem, Big Pharm, or Big Food. She is a beautiful soul that pours her heart, soul and all possible resources into spreading light in this world!