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What is Spiritual Daily?




Welcome to a discovery space created to help inform and guide people in the spiritual awakening process! 

What is spirituality?  

Am I going through a “spiritual awakening”? 

These teachers from all walks of life are here to help you in finding the answers to those questions. 

Spiritual Daily was created to help bring great teachers and healers together from all over the world on to one platform. 

We realize in a growing world no one person can bring about this task alone, the need for guidance transcends the abilities of a single human... so we created a platform where doctors, holistic healers, philanthropists, coaches, philosophers and lovers from all walks of life can come and share their wisdom and knowledge with an ever changing world.  


Navee Mendoza

Navee is the Founder of Spiritual Daily as well as the Events Director of a holistic health and wellness radio show called One Life Radio

Her vision is to create a platform where healers can come together to share their practice, knowledge and experience with the masses. 

To heal, guide and council those who seek it and those who are guided here. 

"Even if I just help one person out of the dark, just one. Then it was all worth it." - Navee 

One Life Radio

One life radio

One Life Radio is a holistic health and wellness radio show hosted by Bernadette Fiaschetti, the co-founder of Wingstop and Pizza Patron. 


One Life Radio is Your #1 Multimedia Source for Alternative and Holistic Health.

Designed to inspire listeners to live their ONE LIFE to the fullest naturally.

The mission at One Life Radio is to provide “real” radio. Live, unscripted, and off the cuff.  They bring their listeners cutting-edge natural and holistic health information.